UK Unleashed Women

Join these amazing women and take a stand.


Nicola Bird (Founder of The Simplicity Project)


Judith Pollock (Chairwoman of The Hunger Project UK)

Geeta Sidhu-Robb (Founder of Nosh Detox)

Lizzie Tovey (Founder of Studio Houghton)

Suzanne Dibble (Founder of Niche Legal Solutions)

Lucie Bradbury (Founder of Damsels in Success)

Elizabeth Uwalaka (Founder of Gingerbread Property Solutions)

Pauline Turner (Partner at SJP)

Merilee Karr (Founder of UndertheDoormat)

Jo Lawrence (Founder of Pink Plumbers)

Jacqui O’Connell (Founder of Souldresser)


Sophie Noonan

Narmeen Allen-Subjally

Joanne Sumner

Nicki Williams

Wendy Harrington

Sarah Rose

Geraldine Bethune

Sara Price

Cath Daley

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